How To Secure Your Wireless Network

People have more flexible time, because the wireless network. With the invention of wireless technology. Now people can work at home to care for small children or work at home. No more stress of traffic jams. It 'great?

How Do Wireless Networks Work?

Wireless networks use radio waves work instead of wires to transfer data between computers. This is a simple version. If you are curious to know what's going on in more detail, so it's all explained in this article.

The MAC Address Of Wired And Wireless Network Cards

In recent weeks, I received quite a few e-mails about Ethernet cards, both wired and wireless, and more specifically, about Media Access Control (MAC)-address. I think the main reason why I got so many questions about Ethernet cards and MAC addresses is people trying to secure their wireless networks at home and their desire to use MAC address filtering. This type of filtering in wireless networks can be configured to allow or deny specific computers to use or join the wireless network based on MAC address.

Fight Crime Systems And Databases

As crime becomes more global, so the fight against crime. Gangsters, mass murderers, and terrorists cross state lines and borders effortlessly, with the latest developments in the media, public transport, telecommunications and computer networks. The police - there are 16,000 law enforcement, only the United States - not far behind.

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