Game HD android for armv6 [mediafire]

1. Let's Create! Pottery for ARM V6

This game is suitable for you who has a sense of high art, because its game play we were told to make an urn, pot, etc., which we can shape to fit our tastes and our results can be sold (but only in games).
Download : here

2. Stupid Zombies for ARMV6

Its game play we were told to shoot the zombies until they run out, type the same level as the game angry bird, is quite interesting as more and more levels will be increasingly difficult to pass and should have a good strategy.
Download : here

3. Air Attack HD for ARMV6
Make that ever played the game sky force, would have been familiar with his game play, well this game also have gameplay similar to games but this game sky force who have the better graphics and effects, animation effects are much better.
Download : here

4. Stellar Escape for ARM V6
Download : here

5. Battle Hearts for ARM V6
The game is set in the adventure and has a gameplay that is quite interesting because it has the support of great graphics and effects.
download : V1.1.2
download : V1.1.1

6. Official Pop Cap Plants vs Zombies 1.0

This game has quite a long time out, but out of curiosity I tried, yes gameplaynya quite nice and not too heavy.
Download : here

7. Can Knockdown 2 for armv6
Download : here


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