5 ways to ignite your PC's performance without spending a cent

5 surefire ways to increase the performance of your PC, all without slowing down your bank balance!

Is your PC slow? Or maybe breaking more and more, if so it might because your PC is suffering from old age! Yes, indeed, as the PC people suffer the aging process as well.

But there's good news

But unlike the people you can actually turn back the aging loved one and bring your PC to life. All it takes is a couple of easy to follow tips transforms your PC's performance up to full speed again.

Just follow these simple steps to follow:

System Configuration Utility

Even if your computer has been sitting there doing nothing, could be maintained for at least 50 programs! These are programs that are nibbling away at your old CPU and not to mention, who have the right to go to a good memory as well. The reason for this is because over time, more stuff to install more shit that builds up and even if you do not even use that program, there is a damn good chance that it is running in the background.

You can see what I mean to press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and then the Processes tab. It will show the number of processes that are running in the background.

1. To resolve this dilemma by simply not going to start or run and type msconfig XP owners.

2. The system configuration is displayed and from there go to startup tab.

3rd Once you select the Startup tab, you will be presented with all the programs running in the background on your PC. What I recommend is turning away everything but your anti-virus.

If you see something you like, such as MSN massager by all means keep it, but you have to run in the background, the performance of the PC over SAP and will also affect your starting time and .

Part 2 System Configuration Utility

Now there are still lying in the System Configuration Utility, go to the second tab called services and go and uncheck the Hide All Microsoft Services. We have to do this (unless you are a bit more experienced), because if you go and set one of the Microsoft services that you might just ruin your entire PC, and we do not want.

Once you have turned off the box should be just left with all non-Microsoft services.

Once again, I would recommend to extinguish all but the anti-virus services. Once you have decided what and what not to get the chop, click Apply and you're done.

Performance Options

Depending on what OS (operating system) for your help, it could make or brake. If you use Windows Vista? I recommend to reverse some of the visual effects especially at low-end systems. But if you use XP, the output will be less impressive, but I think the whole performance is crucial. Half over, you will not even notice them switched anyway.

Now, as I'd like to tell you how to get to these options, ways to get a very different compared to Vista and XP. So the way to solve this (and probably the police), I'll just say the owners Vista to write performance in the search bar, click Performance Information and Tools, then click on Adjust visual effects, and get there.

For owners of XP read:

First Go to Start, Control Panel and select Performance and Maintenance.

2. Adjust visual effects and you find it.

Now, I recommend you turn them all away the last barrier. The last meeting of modern Windows feel that I personally like, but hay, everyone is different.


A quick Hardrive Hardrive is empty. So if you have a Hardrive filled to the brim, remove programs and games that you do not need to accelerate your Hardrive and watch them fly boot time!

Tip: If you are a gamer (like me) What you can do is save the file savegame and uninstall the full game. This way you can get the desired left the concert area, but do not lose your place on Crysis. Cool huh.


Now there are hundreds of other things I would like to share with you, but I wanted to keep this article as short as possible to ensure that you have been to the brink of death. but the last thing in the world would I do for my PC when I finished the optimization is to betray him.

Now your probably thinking that yes, I know James. But what I recommend is using a different defragmenter, especially if the use of the dreaded Vista defragmented.

Now that you've met, I can not stand Windows Vista defragmenter, I think it's really a step backward, not forward. But what really bothers me is that you have no idea how long it takes and how to defragment your hardrive is.

But do not worry, because I'm going to show you can download Vista is much better than weak attempt. Auslogics Disk defragger is his name, and I think you will find it quick and easy to use and seems to do a good job too.

And another thing .. It is totally free to download as well. Just Google "Auslogics Disk Defrag" and you will find in no time.


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