Recover Formatted NTFS Drives

If you accidentally formatted your hard drive or partition, you see a blank, no files. Do not assume that your files are lost, not yet! If you do not put all the files on the formatted partition, you can easily recover the original files with the original directory structure by using widely available tools in the UN, which are often available for free. But it's a good chance to recover formatted partition, even if you saved the files in it, or even install Windows on it! But do not try to run a free form of the UN the tools at this stage, since it is likely that destroyed what was left of their records.

How is this possible? To answer this question, must cover the format of how it works. If you are eager to recover your work, skip this section entirely and go with the recommendation recovery software.

Windows needs to format the drive to prepare it to hold data such as files and folders. When you reformat the drive in Windows, it does not delete the content as you might think, judging by the time it takes for the end of the formatting. Instead, simply create a new empty file, the system detects the beginning of the disc. Time needed to check the disk for errors to ensure that each sector is the disk can read and write properly, which marks the Bad and the file system. Again, unless you run a lower level in terms of system BIOS (you never have to do), all the original data is left intact on the hard disk. Formatted disk is empty because there is no case for new data files from system files and folders that were originally stored on the disk.

There are two methods to recover formatted disks. The first method is used by many utilities without the formatting of the United Nations to return to the original file system rather than a new one. This approach only works if you just format the drive and write: If you formatted the disk with the same file system type (FAT or NTFS), and if you used the group size. You must comply with all conditions for free tools to work. Otherwise get something worse than a blank disc: corrupt.

If we are not careful, that the choice of parameters in the form of a disc, there is no other choice but to use other types of software: data recovery tools. Before installation, the data recovery software, please note that you do not want to write something on the disc back to you. So do not you save the recovery of product data on the disk, and install it. Otherwise, it is very likely to replace the original files.

If the original file system (nothing new!) Was NTFS, you must download and install the first NTFS Recovery, installed to run the program, then a formatted partition when prompted . That's it! First NTFS Recovery will do the rest.

It's so simple? In a word, yes. First NTFS Recovery scans your disk for files on formatted. Have special algorithms to find Office documents, digital images, ZIP and RAR archives as well as the chance to return to things of value are quite high.

When an NTFS Recovery is ready to restore the files, we proceed to restore formatted disk to its original state. You do not need to do is click the Next button in the wizard disk recovery!


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