Blood and Glory HD for Android (arm v6)

Download link Mediafire :
data x8
password : ajie1987

Mirror data [Multiupload] :
optimus one : data
Desire HD : data
Galaxy S : data

How to install:
ekstrak data, copy com.glu.gladiator to sdcard:\Android\data\
This game takes a huge free RAM, so before playing it, it's better to close applications in the background of incriminating RAM.

NB :
BIG THANKS TO ajie1987 for mirror


Anonymous said...

On my x8 it "can't open the apk file as an apk file", with other apk (also made by nitr0oxid, or something like that) it's work, but crashes :( Can someone help me with that?

Anonymous said...

not working on x8

Anonymous said...

Okay here's it. Without data, I am connected to wifi. It says I'm not. Download data from here. Placed it in folder directed, reinstalled the game. Off wifi- says it needs wifi to check version before that it also said "some files were deleted and have to be redownloaded". Same thing happens with wifi ON. bad....

Anonymous said...

Using optimus one data

Chelsea Gwendolen said...

What is the minimum requirements of a HD game on Android?

Chelsea Gwendolen

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