About Playing Cards

About Playing Cards
There are a wide variety of playing cards. Some cards patios are activity specific particularly  Pinochle cards, Bridge Decks, and Poker patios. Other cards are King’s Corner, Solitaire,  Gin Rummy, War, Old Maid and Slap Jack.

There are various categories of activities that can be played using cards. There are fortune telling cards such as Tarot cards, Author cards, and book cards. There are historical fact activities, special interest activities and a wizard cards activity.

There are educational cards patios such as Arithmetic flash cards, Trivia fact cards, and many more. There are self help cards patios such as blessing cards, affirmation cards, conversation cards, and corporate training cards patios.

While it is not a activity title in fact, building a house of cards is fun. The foundation is two cards placed facing each other on the short end of the cards and a cards is place on either side of the two cards. As you move out you can also move up in height.  Sounds easy right...NOT!!!! The slightest breath of air can tumble your cards castle in seconds. The secret is to not breathe, have a window open, or anyone in the room with you. Since that isn’t possible, you need to be extremely light handed while building your cards house.

Card patios have the number and the suit imprinted on the front with some kind of a design on the back. They are printed with a plain matte finish, a glossy finish or no real finishing at all. Laminated cards patios are best because they will last much longer than other types of patios.


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