Digital Surveillance: Software or Hardware?

Digital Surveillance
KGB Spy records and watches all activities on the computer where it is set up. Protect kids, capture unfaithful partners and improve worker performance with a single product!
If you are considering setting up a tracking program in your organization, you are probably deciding between the two types of solutions: components or application. With each approach having its pros and desventajas what will you choose? This article is about to help you make a heavy decision.

If you are handling a residence and want a photographic camera on the door, or when you need a garage area tracking program for an subterranean parkade you are fairly much forced to use a set of recording cameras.But do you want videos clip tracking program in your office?

While movie tracking may increase the performance and self-discipline of your workers, it can also have adverse impact on the emotional climate among workers. Hardware-based movie tracking is simple to misuse, and you must know and adhere to the appropriate regulations and legislation. Invisible movie tracking is unlawful fairly much everywhere, you you're losing an opportunity to catch a unethical worker selling off your trade secrets or informing your competitors about your plans. Lastly, hardware-based tracking can't history anything significant from the pc displays. You'll see dark and bright areas at best, and will never know what programs were started out, what Web sites were frequented and what was entered in that talk window.

Software tracking, on the other hand, is still not regulated by the government authorities and can be used without making your workers aware. Surveillance application professions your workers without causing the adverse reaction to movie tracking and obvious cameras. Lastly, it is almost difficult to misuse application tracking because it works only on the staff's computers that are supposed to be used for only one thing: work. Consider tracking application a performance management tool and not a program to observe workers.

Besides the legal and emotional advantages the importance of which is hard to assess, application tracking provides a number of direct advantages. With pc tracking application you can history your staff's activities down to the last key stroke and click. This low-level management is there if you need it, but if you don't you can always return to the more convenient, advanced stage management. Good tracking application identifies popular conversations and immediate messengers such as AIM, ICQ or MSN and records the discussions, allowing you to accessibility partitioned talk records that are super simple to go through.

If you decided on application tracking against videos clip tracking program, there's only one factor left: what tracking application to select from the many offerings? While there is no lack of application tracking alternatives, KGB Spy ideally combines the things that are most essential to business users: security, convenience and functions. Being a fully presented application tracking program, KGB Spy offers all the usual gadgets such as key stroke catching, application signing and Web site tracking. However, being a corporate-oriented product, KGB Spy goes even further, providing functions such as distant accessibility records via email or FTP, immediate distant signals on pre-defined events such as certain key phrases, and finish ecological management. KGB Spy makes regular catches of the screen, showing you detailed pictures instead of the blurry areas you would see on a photographic camera. Lastly, KGB Spy is almost invisible and difficult to remove without knowing the management password.

And here's one last yet most essential feature of application surveillance: you can download, install and assess a finish tracking program for absolutely free! Get your copy of KGB Spy from and get comfortable with the advanced tracking functions before paying.

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