Games HD & 3D for Xperia X8 Part 6 [mediafire]

 Games Android HD & 3D Recommended
1. Freestyle Dirt Bike
      copy data to sdcard:\FreestyleDirtBike\
      pass: ajie1987 

2. Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD
     Download link mediafire
     data copy data to sdcard:\gameloft\games\
     pass: ajie1987
    1. copy data to the sdcard:\gameloft\games\
    2. install. apk. run the game.
    3. when asked to download, select "NO"
    4. Sorry cannot play, OK
    -traffic data need to be disabled
    -loading the game was interrupted, but the menu and the gameplay fits in X8
    -laggy game in the first 5 minutes, after a long time pretty well.
    -so that notification can not play no video out, Copy & replace Gangstar2 intro.m4v to folders, to do after running the first game.
3. Glyder® 2 
     data ekstrak to sdcard:\glu\glyder2\
     pass: ajie1987

4. Hockey Fight Pro HD
    Download link mediafire
     pass: ajie1987
5. Real Football 2010
     data copy to sdcard:\gameloft\games\
     pass: ajie1987
    note: the data traffic needs to disable
1. If the exit sorry can not play video, click OK quickly. OR slide the notification bar when writing sorry can not play video appears, click OK. When the resize the video instead ask for the download.
2. If at the time entered the game, hang & force close, restart the phone, enter the game again. Perform step No. 1.


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