4 Ways To Make A Word File In "Slim"

Here are some simple ways to make Word file "slim" and more portable.

We're talking about some of the daily activities of the office. He faced the following situation? You can send e-mail attachments, including Word, but can not send an e-mail address to create a Word file is too large. And you waste many efforts in the nice files. You can try the following methods, which could reduce a lot.

1. Save As

From the menu, select "File> Save As" and save the file under a new name. You can compare the new file with the original is that the size of a new file is much smaller.

You can also work this way. Select the entire contents of the document, copy and paste into a new blank document and save. Again, you need the file size of the two documents is different.

2. Delete older versions

If there are many old versions stored in the file, the file size will be larger. In the menu "File> Version", select if there is an old registered version. You can delete these versions without the courage to make the file smaller.

3. Place an appropriate image

"Insert Image" is the main reason why the Word file increases. Try adding a small image. You can use a graphics editor to reduce the image before inserting it into a file. File format should I use GIF or JPG and use these high-resolution graphics in BMP format.

4. Not the "Embed True Type font"

"The integration of TrueType fonts" will increase the file size of the word. From the menu, select "Tools> Options" go to "Save" tab. Make sure your text file has no True Type fonts, and cancel the option "Embed TrueType fonts" option. If you embed TrueType fonts, then select "Insert a unique character."

Try the above four methods, you see the word file in order to lose weight.


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