CCNA Certification Exam Tutorial: Cisco Switching Modes

An often overlooked part of CCNA studies is to learn the different approaches in a Cisco switch can work. Learn these vital details from Chris Bryant exam, CCIE # 12933rd

To pass the CCNA exam and get this important certification, you've learned about the change of input and output. As you learn all the basic theory of switching, make sure to spend some time with one of three ways to change the Cisco routers can be used.

Store and forward is just what it seems. The entire image is stored before shipment. This feature allows the control of errors, since the CRC (cyclic redundancy check) against the body before sending it. If the frame is an error, it will be rejected. If you are not a problem frame, the frame is then sent to the appropriate destination.

While store and forward error checking makes the delay in processing the frame so that error handling is handled results in a higher latency than other methods that are about to read. The latency can also vary, since all images are the same size.

Cut into switch copies only the destination MAC address in its memory before sending the frame. Since the frame is sent when the destination MAC is read, there is less latency than store and forward. The downside is that there is no error checking.

There is a balance, without altering the fragments. Only part of the image is copied into memory before transmission, but the first 64 bytes of the frame, not just the destination MAC. (This is because there is a problem with the chassis, is more likely in the first 64 bytes.) There are some errors that the verification to cut, but not as well as store and forward latency.

Note that the latency of the two cut pieces and you can not set this mode to see the first 64 bytes or six years, respectively. Store and forward latency depends on the size of the image.

Learn the differences and similarities of these structures is often neglected part of your CCNA studies. Spend the time to explore this important issue CCNA - is glad you did!


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I'm glad to hear a good article like yours . Passing CCNA is to learned about the change of input and output and I agree to that.

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