Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

Most consulting firms are making a big mistake when it comes to their small business meetings, because these business owners fall in love consulting with computer technology at the expense of business opportunities. So, your computer consulting company to flourish, be sure to understand the concept of virtual IT and build virtual IT into every major business decisions for your business Computer Consulting.

Do you own or manage a computer consulting business? Want to get more success for small businesses? If so, be prepared to understand why most computer consulting companies Get It (Information Technology) wrong and what you can do about it.

The problem: why most computer consulting companies make mistakes

Most owners of computer consulting companies make their job much more difficult than necessary. Why? Because these entrepreneurs fall in love with computer consulting, technology ... and look at their corporate customers a distant second priority.

But if you get this part of the "he" no, do not destroy your computer consulting business, "non-geek" status. It is important to understand a very important principle: to recruit and retain small business customers are your tips # 1 priority. To deal with it should never be the means of the trade mission computer consulting.

In other words, do not seduce, operating systems, hardware or applications. Fall in love with the business opportunities surrounding how to solve problems for our customers with the largest companies in the IT solutions are recommended. And "the real task on your computer consulting business.

The Solution: Blend Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

To put this in perspective with your computer consulting business, you need to understand and embrace the concept of virtual machines.

Virtual is what allows a computer consulting business works as an extension of their business from small business customers. "The firm essentially becomes the outsourced IT department for small businesses.

As the owner or manager of a computer consulting business in this role, you will most likely become the de facto CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (chief technology officer) or the administrator of its small business customers.

And like any well-rounded internal IT department, a virtual computer computer consulting business to provide or arrange for a comprehensive solution that includes services such as soup nuts help desk, desktop support, network management, design, safety, training, procurement and management of resources. . . simply because the complete virtual IT solution will be a precious money for the consultation of the computer on the table.


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