Xbox 720 Will be Launched

As days went by, the closer the emergence of next-gen consoles made ​​by Microsoft Xbox 720. The speculation began to appear on the console. From start feature that reportedly has been challenged and make a scene "Always On Always Connected", the hardware specs to date The latest news say that the Xbox will be sold at very high prices. Well, did ya sob at this time there is no definite news of the console which is believed to clarity will bring changes to the console world. But recently a news must have come from the Microsoft. The news said that the Xbox 720 at launch in November, Microsoft will sell its grand console is an outrageous price of $ 500 USD.

A Windows blogger named Paul Thurrot noted in his blog that Microsoft has put up the price for the Xbox 720 definitely on its release later. Noted that paul has details on the price of the Xbox console made by Microsoft. In an update on its website today, Thurrott claims the next-gen platform will be launched worldwide in the range of $ 500 USD. Price is of course to be a surprise for all the people who are waiting for the presence of this console. Because the price is priced $ 500 price of the console is in contrast to its competitors by Sony PS4 are priced at $ 430.

Microsoft said that the price is quite reasonable prices. They say that the price is in line with all the features and benefits of the Xbox 720 later. Well, besides announcing the launch price of the Xbox 720, Thurrot also said on its website that there will be a version of the xbox 720 with cheap price loh. Microsoft offers Xbox 720 at a price of 300 USD! Xbox 720 is a low price package will be priced at Xbox Live Gold subscription for 2 years where every month we have to pay 10 USD, well if multiplied means we have to pay 540 USD to get cheap Xbox 720 along with Xbox live subscription package. More complete, Thurrot also announced the surprising things on the website. Thurrot said that later on 21 May 2013, the premier Microsoft will introduce the Xbox 720 you know!

Introduction of the Xbox 720 will be divided into two sessions, the first on May 21, 2013, the second was a grand event at E3 took place on 11 June to 13 June 2013. Then how to measure the capacity of the Xbox 720 later? Whether the price is 300 USD and $ 500 to have the comparison very far? For now unfortunately Microsoft said on gamespot media "Actually we really want to share it and sharing on the Xbox 720 even further. But wait, in time 21 May 2013 we promise you'll see it all.

So, for those of you who are curious about the information, forms, price and features of the Xbox 720 just wait for the exact date 21 May 2013. 


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