May 6,Great Site Multiply Will be Closed

Today many websites popping up various websites and in cyberspace. Various websites and websites that appear to have diverse and interesting content. Sites that have online sales functionality or e-commerce is also now very much emerging, diverse course with ease. No doubt many websites are popping up even this is rapidly gaining traction, famous and have a pretty good rating. The emerging popularity website that makes some of the sites that have long perch internet world was defeated. So it goes on E-commerce sites are of course we already know that Multiply.

Shocking news came from one of the e-commerce website that is world renowned in Indonesia Multiply by domain. With a very unfortunate e-commerce site Multiply will soon put an end to its existence in the online realm. Debuted as blogging or social networking site in 2004, will begin the process of retiring Multiply by 6 May. As written by Multiply's official website, the site of the E-Commerce announced that and site will be closed as of 6 May and all business activities by May 31, 2013. Very unfortunate yes considering its age is about to step on the 10 years.

Multiply party himself wrote "" will run as normal activities until May 6, 2013. We will use the remaining time during May 2013 to ensure that all things in the process of buying and selling stuff and whole sellers and buyers get their rights. "Ya Well for those of you who might currently make buying and selling on the site, do not worry because the process you purchase you can still do exactly until the deadline of may 31, 2013. Because the business activities will be stopped completely Multiply the total from 31 may. During the transition period, Multiply also provides an opportunity for sellers to move their products to other e-commerce sites , completed all activities related to sales, payment and delivery of goods, as well as to minimize disruption to the operations of the seller.

Well that is important, ya For you sellers who have a premium account in Multiply, Multiply immediately contact the manner and number listed on the site. Later Multiply Customer service and will give back the face value Premium account that has not expired. Well, it is not clear the reason behind the closure multiply. Given that website some time ago turned into e-commerce is actually has a large user, which will be closing in the near future is indeed very unfortunate.


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