Android APP - Control your ANDROID phone from PC (Airdroid)

Let me INTRODUCE you with AIRDRIOD,  with AIRDROID you can management your android operating system smart phone straight from PC or LAPTOP, its easy simple and easy 100 % free,by using this you can even exchange information and information to your pc to cellphone and cellphone to PC,you can deliver sms from pc,install or remove any APP straight from pc without in contact with your android operating system isn't its useful?
   How to weblink this app? is it Difficult to configure? no it simple,its easy to set up,and no need any application to be set up in your pc or laptop,here is the easy Information,connect your cellphone to house wireless online and start AIRDROID in your android operating system cellphone will get URL weblink like 192.168.bla.bla.bla and insert that URL in your preferred online browser in your pc or laptop and done.Now Appreciate ADVANTAGES of being an ANDROID cellphone Customer.

Note: Use GOOGLE Chrome for Transferring FOLDERS.

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

Download Link:
AirDroid 1.1.0 APK


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