Android APP - Skyfire Web Browser 5.0 APK With License (Full)

Skyfire Web Browser 5.0 APK
Skyfire Web Web browser 5.0 for Android operating system is more than just an app. Skyfire's new web browser provides an collection of brilliant surfing around functions and improvements designed right into the browser – making Skyfire the best app on your smart phone. And it's free!

Skyfire is the next creation of cellular surfing around – come see why over 20 thousand customers have downloadable Skyfire.

Skyfire 5.0 for Android operating system is packed with functions that make surfing around the cellular web more public & more useful than ever before. Additions like Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Amazon, Howl, Relevant Applications, Offers, Legibility and many more allow customers to keep in touch, find offers, surf apps and preserve searched material for later – all without making the site they're currently on. Users can add, eliminate and even make their own extensions. Nearly 20 cellular browser extensions have been included to Skyfire's web browser for the very first time. We've also remodeled the overall look and feeling of the program to make it more simple and structured than ever before.

Installation Guide:
1.Install Skyfire402.apk
2.Install SkyfirePremiumVideoLicenseKey.apk

Download Link:
SkyFire APK with License  


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