Microsoft's Data Center Container Fill World's Largest

Recently, Microsoft opened a new Data Center in Chicago. Data Centre is located on a site area of 700,000 square meters.

What is unique at this Microsoft data center is, servers are placed on container-container. There are many great kontaianer parking at these locations. In 1800-2500 there was a container server. This is Microsoft's Data Center Data Center is the biggest in the world by using containers.

In this place there were 3000 facilities construction-related jobs with a peak workforce of about 1100 workers. More than 1.5 million hours of labor on this project and the total investment of $ 500 million.

This facility will be the Data Center Microsoft for online services for the user should. This facility can serve the needs of Computing Could that shows how Microsoft positioned itself to compete and succeed with an approach known as Software plus Services. This facility will be fully operational by this July 20, 2010.

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