Windows 8

Microsoft company has lastly launched its game-changing OS, Microsoft company windows 8. This is the greatest change to the Microsoft company windows OS since the release of Microsoft company windows 95. We've already invested a lot of time using Microsoft company windows 8, so keep reading to find out what we think of Windows newest os in this Microsoft company windows 8 evaluation - it's the only Microsoft company windows 8 evaluation you need.

Windows 8 launched on the 26th Oct and, as regular with Microsof company operating-system - apart from a few exclusions - will be the os on all new PCs and notebooks. It's also available on pills, starting with Windows own Surface and, Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 is now available mobile phones. In this Microsof company windows 8 evaluation we cover everything except Microsof company windows Cellphone 8, which isn't yet available to test.

Windows 8 system requirements:
You need a 1GHz or quicker CPU (it also needs to back up PAE or PAE-NX Actual Deal with Expansion for new safety measures in the Windows 8 kernel), 1GB of RAM (or 2GB for 64-bit systems), 20GB of hard disk space and a DirectX 9 video card with WDDM car owner.

As you might’ve expected, with 47 % of 1,104 reviewers giving it the max possible ranking of five celebrities, and 20 % giving it four celebrities, Windows seven received the most opinions that are positive. Windows Windows vista was the unsurprising straggler among the three. Having been reviewed by 609 customers, only 23 % provided Windows vista five celebrities, and a whopping 42 % provided it a measly one celebrity. At 36 %, Windows 8′s five-star ranking is 11 % lower than Windows 7′s. However, Windows 8 has 1,409 opinions on Amazon, whereas Windows seven has 1,104 opinions. Take these numbers with a touch of suspicion.

While Windows 8 does look like it’s getting a lot of hate, those numbers indicate that it’s certainly not as bad as Windows vista. Many customers like Windows 8 well enough, and in Microsoft’s upcoming OS update, codenamed Windows Glowing blue, the company can remove what customers disliked in Windows 8 to make its OS more appealing. Unless Windows Glowing blue is a runaway hit from the start, though, we imagine a lot of people will still stick with their Windows seven systems, seeing as it remains the most-loved Windows OS to date.


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