Sony, Intel and Logitech Will Join Together Building a Google TV

It seems that Google has managed to attract producers to the success of the world's leading hardware Google TV facilities. Android-based TV box will be supported by the hardware manufacturer terkemuaka world.

Sony, Intel and Logitech will support the program with Google TV. Sony will supply hardware such as television. Intel will supply chips Intel Atom and helped engineer the software. While Logitech will support by providing tools such as remote controls and keyboards.

Google will use Chrome as a web his android, also with Crome his OS to support this program. Interface uses Flash and will be connected to Youtube.

Because using an open platform, Sony is not going exclusive. The aim is to encourage the search for the Android App has played a role in the smartphone. However, it seems Sony will be the most ambitious in this project, not just discrete hardware but even Sony makes its BRAVIA TV with built-in Google TV.

There has been no official explanation when the program launch date. But from the information circulated, this program will be finalized over the coming months

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